ValidateJOB helps job search applicants stand out from the crowd

It shows the employer, what they can expect

What is ValidateJOB?

ValidateJOB Report is a background check done by a job applicant with the intent of showing an employer, that the job applicant is a good candidate and is willing to take the extra step to establish their credentials. This simple step differentiates the applicant from other job seekers as it provides additional information to the employer.

Differentiate Yourself

On an average, almost 120 candidates apply for a job, making the interview process extremely difficult. Differentiating yourself from other candidates makes you more visible and consequently improves your chances of getting the job.

Make it easy for the Employer

As ValidateJOB is an employee initiated check, the employer would be better informed about the person being interviewed and have their background information in advance. This could relieve the employer of concerns related to the job applicant not meeting their requirements.

Show your proactive spirit

Job applicants who attach a ValidateJOB Report to their application may stand out from others, as this demonstrates a level of confidence and makes the employer look at the applicant in a positive manner.

Takes a few minutes

Getting a ValidateJOB Report is easy:
- Signup for a Report
- Provide Name, Date of birth and SSN
- Get a Report within minutes
On receiving the report, make sure that all information that is shown is accurate and relates to you.

Securely share ValidateJOB

You can use ValidateJOB’s secure PIN based services to share the report with only those employers who you wish to provide information to - You control access to the information and decide who can view it.

ValidateJOB also provides free services to assist job applicants with their job application process:
  • Resume Preparing Wizard Tool
  • Employment and Personal Reference Management System
  • Upload and Manage Portfolio (Education qualifications, licenses, portfolio, etc.)
  • Email Resume, References, Attachments and ValidateJOB Report (if purchased) to employers
  • Resources covering Local Newspaper Job Classified, Part time and Temp Agencies and Online Job Search
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